Kankusta Duo Test – WARNING before subscription trap and severe side effects

With fake before-after pictures, fake pharmacy reports and manipulative sales tricks, a foreign company tries to sell its new consumer product in Germany. The full-bodied advertising promises are also contrasted with ineffective ingredients and a high price. Here you can find out why we couldn't recommend buying Fito Spray.

Since the beginning of 2016, a new dietary product has been available on the German market. Fito Spray is the name of this alleged magic agent, which is supposed to help to escape the cravings and lose weight. All these effects can only be achieved by spraying on the tongue. The promises of Fito-Spray are rather pretentious: the talk is of a weight loss of up to 40 kg. Yes, that sounds wonderful, but in reality this product is nothing more than a waste of money. Its effect is not only questionable because the fact that the preparation contains nothing except vitamins, which makes you lose weight. The questionable sales methods are also extremely negative and put the product in a bad light. The worst of all, however, is the unscrupulous, illegal use of before-and-after images of the supposedly satisfied clientele, which in reality does not exist. 

Thanks to the spray, it is intended to suppress ravenous hunger attacks and stimulate fat burning. However, the ingredients of Fito Spray consist exclusively of natural ingredients that are not able to cause a slimming effect. The following substances are included:

Fito Spray is a Polish company called White Dot SEO. In reality, this is an Internet agency that specializes in bringing Internet sites to the top of Google's rankings. She is also responsible for the sale of a number of other "miracle products". These are among others:

Only a few independent reports and reviews from real users can be found on the Internet. They report that Fito Spray did not cause any slimming effect on them.

Amazon experiences or Ebay reviews are not searched for in vain, as Fito Spray is only sold on the manufacturer's website.

The company's construction is based on the targeted deception of customers in order to achieve the highest possible profit. This has nothing in common with the philosophy of a serious slimming product. 

Incidentally, this is not uncommon: many companies in question are now happy to use this type of fraud, especially on the Internet. Recently, for example, an almost identical construct was uncovered at Chocolate Slim. The product is operated there by a Russian advertising agency, which is behind the name AdCombo. In addition to traditional slimming products, her range of products also includes facial creams, anti-varicose veins, anti-aging products and pharmaceuticals for penis lengthening and potency enhancement.

White Dot SEO works with a variety of psychological tricks aimed at getting as many customers as possible to buy. Unlike decent company founders, who also strive to retain customers in their company, this seems to be a minor matter for this questionable Polish company. This is all about short-term financial gains. 

The first indication of a possible fraud is the conspicuous sale process. Both the artificial scarcity and the artificial pressure of time play a decisive role here. These two techniques are used to entice the unsuspecting customer to buy. He is persuaded that he must be able to access the goods quickly, as hardly any goods are left in stock. This advertising method aims to put the customer under (time) pressure, so that he e. g. refrains from investigating possible side effects and decides prematurely for the dubious product.

Also the price of Fito Spray (39 Euro!) is quite high. Due to the lack of information on the quantity of content, it appears to be rather arbitrary and unfounded. This makes it difficult to estimate the monthly costs of this "miracle cure". 

Finally, the promising but unfortunately counterfeit before-after images give rise to considerable doubts about the seriousness. This is a material from foreign sources that has no connection to Fito Spray. 

The makers of Fito Spray also use the fake pharmacy news, which we have often criticized, to help them. The reports copied on numerous Internet pages are in reality only a means of attracting potential customers and are intended to convince them of the alleged health-promoting properties of the product. The manufacturer of Fito Spray knows exactly what you are looking for

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